Waste Disposal Leeds and West Yorkshire

Waste Disposal Leeds and West Yorkshire

T Shea Ltd is also a responsible, professional waste disposal company having been granted amendments to our existing licence for active construction and demolition waste to be dealt with sufficiently, safely, and effectively.

We are committed to providing all our customers unbeatable services at the best, most competitive rates and believe our services can meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

We ensure that we practice the most eco-friendly waste disposal service possible. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience within the industry, whilst using the most sophisticated yet environmentally friendly technology. All materials brought to our site are organised and either arranged into card/paper, timber and metals for waste recycling purposes or alternatively once screened and crushed they are transformed into reusable recycled materials for the construction industry

Construction and demolition waste usually includes concrete, glass, soils, bricks, wood, asbestos, metals, plastics and wood. These waste materials are classified under the European Waste Catalogues (List of wastes)

The construction and demolition division is the primary contributor of waste in the United Kingdom, alone it is responsible for producing over 120 million tonnes of waste each year which works out at around 75% of the total amount in the UK, however recent studies show that progress is being made.

Since Landfill sites are becoming increasingly full and closing this has rapidly enhanced the need for businesses like T Shea Ltd to become leading providers of waste disposal in Leeds ensuring that we possess the necessary tools and equipment, the know-how, have extremely professional man power and a fully granted licence. We will consequently be at the forefront of the Waste Disposal industry in this region.

T Shea Ltd are able to recycle 99.9% of all inert and 75% of bio-degradable waste we process, which in effect significantly reduces the volume of waste in which we refer to landfill sites.

We aim to deliver at all times competitive prices, prompt deliveries, collection and exchanges, up to 90% of waste recycled and will work tremendously harder than most to reduce construction and demolition waste.

As recent laws change it will soon become illegal for Transfer Stations to fall below 40% at T Shea Ltd we will continue to maintain our high standards and ensure we are continuously working above and beyond the new EU Legislation.

We also make use of our knowledge and understanding along with our experience to provide a wide range of supporting services ensuring that all our customers receive the best of what we have to offer. So if you are looking for skip hire in Leeds take a browse through our Book a skip page and let us help in every way we can.


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